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   We are proud to offer free ASVAB practice test. Our soul objective is to help you prepare for the ASVAB. The US Military uses the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) to test individuals wishing to join the US Armed forces. Even enlisted members will have to re-take the ASVAB if their individual ASVAB scores are not qualifying.


  • Written about 13 minutes ago
    Going to hopefully have two jobs. Going to have to fit working out in there somehow, as well as studying for #asvab to get outta here via @magalynayehy
  • Written about 3 hours ago
    Class tomorrow #Asvab #Marines via @Dark6kin19
  • Written about 5 hours ago
    Please wish me luck. #ASVAB #physical #Marines #ImReady http://t.co/82GYABFsdr via @DannyboySalazar
  • Written about 10 hours ago
    Test time!! Wish me luck!! I'm feeling good!! 💯 #ASVAB @usairforce via @Hey_DeLaPaz
  • Written about 11 hours ago
    Won't stop till 5 and start back till 6 #asvab #marines via @Dark6kin19
  • Written about 11 hours ago
    Studying since 3 #asvab via @Dark6kin19